Author Page of Philip Gross

Philip is the Mission Engineer of Archai and he is a Co-Founder of Axonalliance, a business model innovation company.

In his writings, he discusses ideas on how to utilize new technologies in a way that benefits life on earth. Philip is passionate about the marvels of artificial intelligence, and he is a proponent of an open and collective approach to the development and utilization of AI.

In contrast to many other opinion leaders—and maybe even in contrast to the public at large—he does not anticipate a future in which some non-human intelligence will dominate humankind if we enhance the proliferation of these technologies. Philip strongly supports the notion of augmenting individual capabilities through algorithms and machines, and he thinks that these will ultimately help us to build a collective intelligence. The cognitive machinery that results of the linking all the world’s brains-biological or artificial- will be capable of so much more than single brains. It will be more creative, more accurate, much faster, and more ethical than human brains or computers will ever be.

In addition to commenting on the potentials of advanced technologies and the rise of collective intelligence, Philip thinks a lot about how to follow through the mission of Archai, and he sometimes puts these thoughts into writing. You will find some of these thoughts in the ARC.XYZ section of On Our Minds. Enjoy reading.

If you want to contact Philip directly, you can always write him an email at: