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Dec 20, 2018 | ARC.XYZ

This is about you and everybody else. This is about the individuals that can—collectively—unleash a force so powerful that it will uplift us to conquering even the most intricate problems.

You are the one that can come up with unique ideas. You are the one that is capable of making the unforeseeable association. You are the one that can avail of unparalleled imagination. And you are the one that has the power to make a difference in sustaining the beauty of our Earth for future generations and to making the planet a secure and healthy habitat for all living creatures. We need all of you. We need variety.

You do not believe us? You think that you must be outstandingly smart to contribute to such a bold mission? Let us assure you that this is not the case. Of course, you can be one of those rare fellows that just happens to master that game of thinking much better than anybody else. And we definitely need the elite of intelligentsia too to make for an Enjoyable Planet Earth the way we intend to. But we, who have come up with the ideas that eventually were melded into Archai, are not particularly smart. You could even say that the very fact that we were foolish enough to initiate such an organization points to our average cognitive abilities. In fact, we are just regularly talented people that like being playful with their thoughts and that are aware of the responsibility each one of us (meaning all of humanity) bears—that is the responsibility of actively making planet Earth an enjoyable place to live. You are not supposed to spend your life on the sideline. So what you need is playfulness and a sense for your personal responsibility.

“The Force is not a power you have. It’s not about lifting rocks. It’s the energy between all things, a tension, a balance that binds the universe together.” (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi)

Two Forces Melded into One—Think of Electromagnetism

The one ultimate building block for any knowledge-centered venture relying on the effort of a collective is the vast number of people participating. We call this collective of individuals, working groups, and other organizational entities the Community of Gifted Minds.

Consequently, the Community of Gifted Minds is the flesh and blood of Archai. They are the ones that make our mission happen, while other organizational bodies like the Managerial Corps and the Board of Governors are assigned to support duties. These more conventional bodies must arrange for the most fertile grounds for our research and deployment efforts to grow strongly, while the Community of Gifted Minds is the force that powers all advancement. Essentially, all the research to be done—both fundamental and applied—and all the trouble to be embraced to transition from scientific insight to full‑scale deployment relies on the Community.

(Just in case you wondered why the Managerial Corps and the Board of Governors are not hyperlinked: We are still developing the content that will describe these bodies’ role and duties. Also, their respective members are being recruited presently.)

The force comes with two facets that act upon each other in a reciprocative manner. But it is still one force. Just think of how the electric field and the magnetic field interact with one another to create the electromagnetic force. That is, the Community of Gifted Minds is comprised of the Band of Mavericks, a most diverse and enormous crowd of individuals, and the Faculty, a small group of fully employed contributors coming from a variety of professional disciplines and educational backgrounds.

If you combinate the creative vibrations exerted by each of these two groups of individuals following the metaphoric example of the electric and the magnetic field, you can, we believe, propagate an enormous amount of fertile energy—the underlying field forces being the variety of cognitive abilities inherent to these individuals.

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The Band of Mavericks

Making for the Intellectual Vibrancy

The Band of Mavericks is the large mass of collective intelligence workers acting from a broad spectrum of talents and passions and contributing to the intellectual and practical versatility required for Archai to be a success. If you came here with the intention to explore how you can play a part in the build-up of Archai while not being fully employed, most likely the Band of Mavericks is the workspace you have been looking for.

Formats building on collecting and converging knowledge to generate new things (such as Linux or Foldit) have long realized that only a very forceful attack will serve the purpose when the challenge is huge and at times scattered. They have proven outstandingly versed in perpetuating that force by engaging a congenial yet diversified network of contributors that aim for more than mere participation in a narrow field of study or simply the next product to be developed. The Band of Mavericks makes for the intellectual vibrancy and critical density of Archai’s open science network.

Acting as individuals or small working groups, we call upon the “gazillion” of gifted minds out there to get involved and allow for the bold leap in climate change research and deployment needed now.

Bellow, you find an outline on the archetypal individuals that may populate the Band of Mavericks. Of course, you do not need to match one of these models perfectly to be part of the game. The following descriptions, therefore, are intended merely to give you a feeling of what we are looking for in the Band’s members.

Bright Wizards: Integrate the “Outlaws”

As a Bright Wizard, you have developed (or received as a gift from nature) an unparalleled mastery in a unique field of informal knowledge, mental ability, or artistry without necessarily being affiliated to a top-notch research institution (although you may, of course, be so).

Other than working from intellectual or artisanal seclusion, the origin of a bright wizard cannot and should not be specified any further (e.g., with regard to an academic or corporate affiliation), because any precept must not undermine the strong commitment to integrating this “outlaw” type of contributor before all others.

Let Archai help you turn your mastery into something of enormous impact.

As a Bright Wizard equipped with a unique gift, you may be:

  • an undefeated emperor in the strategy game Civilization;
  • a maker of divine violins probing into the secrets of making varnish;
  • a Medicus with inborn diagnostic prowess on a journey eastwards;
  • a little girl who talks to Africa’s wild animals; or
  • a painter of recursive patterns that evoke visual illusions.

As a Bright Wizard adhering to our Beliefs, you must be able to:

  • stay true to the fundamentals of your talent (Essentiality);
  • connect to the larger patterns that give rise to reality (Holism);
  • imagine a world beyond your intellectual seclusion (Openness);
  • step out of your world from time to time and enjoy the craziness of the jungle out there (Playfulness); and
  • see and accept your limits (Responsibility).

As a Bright Wizard who comes to be engaged with the Band of Mavericks, you should be willing to:

  • integrate your knowledge and expertise into a larger context (e.g., you should instinctively see where your unique ability might complement the research endeavor);
  • communicate understandably and let others know how you might advance an entire initiative, a single study, or just a specific line of thought; and
  • refine your knowledge and expertise when needed to serve a particular purpose.

As a Bright Wizard contributing to Archai, you will gain along the way:

  • access to a community of like-minded wizards;
  • respect for your unique talents; and
  • opportunities to further develop and enrich your knowledge and expertise.

Science Nerds: Cherish the Geeks

As a Science Nerd, you have attained an exceptionally deep level of formal understanding in a discipline of the fundamental sciences or artistry.

The Science Nerds we are looking for originate typically from one or more of the universities that belong to a select group of academic avant-garde institutions. They have been educated formally, and their characters have been formed such as to guide their intellect unwaveringly.

Let Archai support you in locking into the research process at the exact place where your special expertise is required.

As a Science Nerd building on in-depth knowledge, you may be:

  • a pretentious graduate student at a notable university’s math department;
  • a highly reclusive physicist climbing trees in your free time;
  • an eminent yet “unchallenged” researcher at a large pharmaceutical company;
  • a highly cared-for computer science talent working at a progressive tech company; or
  • a solid university researcher athirst to reveal the full spectrum of your abilities to the world;.

As a Science Nerd adhering to our Beliefs, you must be able to:

  • gain new insights by boldly building on your own ideas (Essentiality);
  • cross the boundaries of your specialized field (Holism);
  • allow for the unconventional to interrupt your research plan (Openness);
  • do the “un-professorial” experiment (Playfulness); and
  • come forth with your fruitless or even absurd results (Responsibility).

As a Science Nerd who comes to be engaged with the Band of Mavericks, you should be willing to:

  • devote some of your time to selected research projects that may be detached from the projects you do for your home institutions;
  • immerse yourself in research domains that do not precisely match your core area of interest; and
  • connect with fellow researchers and artists and work productively with people from distant fields of expertise and with informally educated co-workers.

As a Science Nerd contributing to Archai, you will gain along the way:

  • satisfaction in seeing your knowledge and expertise having an impact;
  • visibility within a broader scientific community; and
  • insights (and co-authors) that may help spur your publication success.

Engineers and Technologists: Let the Craftsmen Make an Impact

As an Engineer or Technologist, you know what it takes to scale scientific insights to real-world applications. You are an academic, a discoverer, an inventor, and an entrepreneur all at once. As such, you have an infallible sense for what will work and what will not.

The Engineers and Technologists we are looking for are currently engaged with the most progressive and powerful industrial companies or high-tech firms, but may be impelled by the wish to create more impact than their employers’ corporate formalism allows for.

Let Archai back you in designing the entire research and development process with a large-scale deployment of impactful systems in mind.

As an Engineer or Technologist building on your true talents, you may be:

  • the guy everyone calls for when things start going south with that new drive train;
  • the kid who likes retrofitting a skateboard with rocket engines for hitting that vert-ramp really hard (maybe you even do the skating yourself);
  • the chief engineer planning for a hydropower plant to be built into a sensitive ecosystem;
  • a principal technician installing cryostats in the tunnel of a particle accelerator; or
  • a cosmologist in charge of designing systems that probe the universe for evidence of extraterrestrial life.

As an Engineer or Technologist adhering to our Beliefs, you must be able to:

  • come up with entirely new solutions that feed on fundamental truths (Essentiality);
  • make sure that the applications you design integrate into the broader context at the systems level (Holism);
  • accept deviations from the art of engineering to adapt to economic, political, or other social forces (Openness);
  • see the funny side of a collapsing construction (Playfulness); and
  • intervene decisively if you see deployability at risk (Responsibility).

As an Engineer or Technologist who comes to be engaged with the Band of Mavericks, you should be willing to:

  • continually motivate, pull, engage, convince, or enchant your scientist and artist counterparts into delivering deployable outcomes rather than intellectual secretions;
  • connect with the engineering folks who oversee development, system design, construction, installation, and commissioning of the most eminent technology corporations worldwide; and
  • learn how to use instrumentation and tools that you currently may not work with or that you may be uncomfortable working with at the beginning.

As an Engineer or Technologist contributing to Archai, you will gain along the way:

  • pleasure from collaborating with a diverse team of the world’s finest experts;
  • respect from your grandchildren for your personal contribution to keeping Earth an enjoyable place; and
  • access to formerly unknown engineering skills and expertise.

Protagonists of the Applied Sciences: Deploy Practitioners to Build Bridges

As a Protagonist of the Applied Sciences, you know how to connect the dots and work at the intersection of a variety of scholarly disciplines. Even though you are declared a specialist (and that declaration may connote very narrow expertise), it is the unique amalgamation of a whole range of raw knowledge fields combined with a sense of practicality that makes your specialization, rather than the narrow focus. You are the one to enforce those symbiotic relationships that will ultimately be needed to build the bridges that connect fundamental knowledge with engineered products.

The Protagonists we are looking for typically stem from the applied sciences or from one of those disciplines close to where climate change research or research aimed at providing some mitigation countermeasure to the problem is conducted today.

Let Archai build upon your ideas for how a broad variety of knowledge fields has to be linked together. Make use of our crowd-fueled reasoning power to improve whatever your best attempt at a solution has been so far.

As a Protagonist of the Applied Sciences connecting the dots, you may be:

  • a lead academic providing coherence within a working group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC);
  • a professor and enthusiastic teacher of applied sciences at a university;
  • the chief scientist of a company that churns out early-stage tech-products;
  • an academically minded tinkerer opening up her private lab for everyone; or
  • a high-school teacher conquering his intellectual frontiers on Coursera.

As a Protagonist of the Applied Sciences adhering to our Beliefs, you must be able to:

  • reach out to those folks who conduct science at its foundations (Essentiality);
  • expedite the seamless integration of science and art both technically and socially (Holism);
  • deviate substantially from your preconceived solutions if an alternate path looks more promising (Openness);
  • enjoy the intricacies you will face when trying to bring together a theoretical physicist and a street artist (Playfulness); and
  • subtly countervail the forces of fundamental research with state-of-the-art applied knowledge (Responsibility).

As a Protagonist of the Applied Sciences who comes to be engaged with the Band of Mavericks, you should be willing to:

  • throw your integrative knowledge into as many subject matter discussions as possible;
  • lock into the knowledge extension process at any given position on the spectrum between “purely theoretical” and “up-scaled functional system;” and
  • withstand the signals of raised eyebrows that you will earn from your “established” colleagues in the applied science fields because of your new-found love of the basic sciences.

As a Protagonist of the Applied Sciences contributing to Archai, you will gain along the way:

  • pleasure from seeing your research advancing through reasoned impetus from totally unexpected sides (say from cosmology, if you are a botanist);
  • ease of mind because you now know that your applied research has been put to the test of fundamental knowledge and adjusted accordingly; and
  • satisfaction from catching a straw that may bring you closest to that eagerly anticipated real-world yield of your long-run effort in the applied sciences.

Join the Band, Mavericks!

We are always on the lookout for those that come up with unique ideas, those that are capable of making the unforeseeable association, and those that can avail of unparalleled imagination. We are constantly building the Band of Mavericks.

If you want to be part of the venture and join the band, reach out to our Crowd Facilitator Michael at:

The Faculty

Serving as the Scientific Foundation

The members of the Faculty make up the special forces of Archai’s open science network. Without a doubt, there is a lot to be gained from the collective intelligence of a large crowd (like the Band of Mavericks). At Archai, we even consider ourselves to be fervent contenders of the idea of distributed science conducted in an adaptive network of contributors. However, what a crowd fails to do very well at times is conducting the hands-on facets of research and deployment. By this, we mean things such as operating a large-scale gas chromatograph or executing program code on a quantum computer. The individuals who make up a crowd rarely just happen to have such instruments sitting in their basement and access to the high-tech arsenal of universities or corporations is heavily restricted.

Apart from equipment shortage, the degree of singularity of certain tasks may contradict the collective approach too. In fact, some research questions are so unique in nature, and some experiments are so delicate to execute that adequately addressing them calls for a single investigator or a dedicated research group to proceed trenchantly rather than applying the crowd’s immense working power.

In contrast to the Band of Mavericks, members of the Faculty are formally appointed in accordance with their individual needs and per the rules and regulations of their home institutions. Every faculty member is fully employed by the Association for an Enjoyable Planet Earth (which is the parent organization of Archai)—on a permanent basis in the case of the members of the Principal Faculty and on a per-term basis with a duration of between one and three years in the case of the members of the Visiting Faculty.

Supplementing the Faculty ranks in a fashion that you would not typically see in a traditional academic institution, Archai embeds the lab technicians and the scientific support personnel into the Faculty class. The reason behind is our experience-based acknowledgment of these folks’ invaluable practical contributions to any successful scientific endeavor. We call them Professional Faculty and engage them on a permanent basis too.

Collectively, the Faculty serves as our scientific foundation.

We aspire to recruit a highly distinguished group of people who act as Archai’s Faculty and who take responsibility for leading the way with a subtle hand and keeping our mission on track through close collaboration with the Band of Mavericks and with our Board of Governors.

Bellow, you find an outline on the archetypal individuals that may populate the Faculty ranks. Of course, you do not need to match one of these models perfectly to be nominated for such a position. The following descriptions, therefore, are intended merely to give you a feeling of what we are looking for in our Faculty members.

Principal Faculty: Engage the Unicorns

As a member of the Principal Faculty, you are one of those intellectual pioneers and visionaries on who an organization outside the realm of top-tier academia and disparate from corporate empires usually cannot get its hands. As it happens, there will always be this rare breed of thinkers—scientists and artists—who are after something more substantial than professorial merit or large paychecks (or who have already fulfilled one or both of these aspirations). Such women and men are typically equipped with deep minds.

Here are three things that may describe what we mean by a deep mind. For one, having a deep mind implies that an individual’s capacity for thinking and reasoning is genuinely exceptional. Those possessing a deep mind may have realized that they are not merely a bit more qualified than others are in learning and building on what they have learned. Instead, they consistently extend knowledge at a mind-blowing pace and with much more creativity and precision than the rest of us do. For another, a deep mind implies a mental capacity embracing a scope of knowledge and experience that is plain awesome. Typically, there is only a handful of people surrounding those with deep minds who are capable of profoundly amending an argument of theirs or assisting in challenging the bedrock of a professional field. Lastly, a deep mind implies a unique competence and a strong desire to explore new frontiers, to experience the unknown, to look for patterns and relations, and to rank these desires above all secular cravings to act accordingly.

All right, let us stop philosophizing. The message we want to get across is that we are looking for those deep-minded women and men who wish to help shape a genuinely unique science and development organization rather than serving one of those top-tier academic institutions or corporations that undoubtedly would want to hire them too.

At Archai we offer you an intellectual sandbox of vast dimensions. You may use all the things you can find here at your convenience, and you will be empowered to make use of what you already have to a degree previously unthought of. All we ask is that you to start building now that sandcastle we call Enjoyable Planet Earth.

As a soon-to-be member of the Principal Faculty, you may currently be:

  • a well-connected researcher bridging the academia/industry-gap from either side;
  • a thought-leader working at the very edge of a specific field of study;
  • a tech-industry C-level executive missing out on the really cool programming tasks that you did before managerial duties overwhelmed you;
  • a distinguished artist with a strong sense for human sensory perception and information processing; or
  • a full Professor, knowing it is about time for that “research only—impact first” lifetime employment away from distractions (we do mean things such as grant proposals, not your teaching obligations, of course).

As a member of the Principal Faculty adhering to our Beliefs, you must be able to:

  • give direction to the research and development endeavor by outlining a cohesive activity-map (Essentiality);
  • align your directional convictions and beliefs with those of your Faculty peers and with the Board of Governors’ general guidelines (Holism);
  • deliberately adapt any path taken and any conjecture put forth as the scientific process evolves (Openness);
  • cross those imaginary boundaries that define a field or domain and tolerate making a fool of yourself by doing so (Playfulness); and
  • lead highly diverse working groups and engage cluttered “virtual” teams with no executive power whatsoever (Responsibility).

As a member of the Principal Faculty, you should be willing to:

  • dedicate your professional career and your full intellectual power to the research that will lead us towards systems that are deployable on a large scale;
  • forego all of those amenities that come with an appointment at a notable academic institution or an illustrious corporation; and
  • invite others (many others!) to intervene in a disruptive manner with what you consider to be “the way things must be done.”

As a member of the Principal Faculty contributing to Archai you will gain along the way:

  • entirely new spaces for your scientific and artistic expression;
  • an unshakable sense of what you will contribute to keeping our planet Earth an enjoyable place; and
  • the respect of your relevant milieu and the unspoken gratitude of the generations to come.

Professional Faculty: Learn from the “Jacks of All Trades”

As a member of the Professional Faculty, you thrive on pushing every single piece of experimental equipment to its limits. You are the one who is after that millionth of a percentage-point improvement in a sensitive measurement. You are the one who will not rest until these two lab-machines are operating in perfect harmony. And you are the one who designs and puts together a rig to protect that high-performance computing unit from adverse infliction caused by electromagnetic waves.

As a consequence, you typically have an ideal working model in mind, and nothing short of perfect functioning will satisfy your inner MacGyver. (Well, in referring to MacGyver we implicitly assume you were born in the 70s. Of course, we do not mean to exclude those younger/older folks. We just think that MacGyver is a cool guy with uncommon ideas for solving real-life problems).

MacGyver is the title character and the protagonist in the original (1985) ABC television series MacGyver. He is said to have a genius-level intellect and a particular ability for adaptation and improvisation.
“MacGyver” by ABC is used under the auspice of the FAIR USE Act for the sole purpose of giving Archai’s Professional Faculty a stereotypical face in this blog-article / Re‑designed towards “pop art”‑style

On top of your bravery in mechanical engineering and your “artisanal intelligence,” you have immersed yourself in the scientific basis of your profession through appropriate academic studies. At an early point in your life, you came to realize that knowing about and studying the fundamental principles that govern the physical phenomena you love (let us say the principles that govern the trajectory of a light beam traveling through a lens) puts you ahead of the pack. For example, you learned that such knowledge would help you to improve significantly on the design of an apparatus you intend to build over your merely having a well-formed intuition about how to assemble the pieces (of, say, a telescope).

Nevertheless, experience taught you that rising to the challenge of your master-craftsman tasks requires knowing the fundamental principles as well as having that tinkerer’s intuition. One is not enough—it is essential that you have both.

At Archai we offer you an opportunity to be part of the team that will build that high-tech workshop you have always dreamed of. What we ask from you is to apply your combined scientific and mechanical talent and craftsmanship in order to make our aspirations—well—work.

As a soon-to-be member of the Professional Faculty, you may currently be:

  • a highly admired lab technician at a top-tier academic institution;
  • a head-engineer overseeing the design, construction, commissioning, and maintenance of an experimental system on an immense scale;
  • a sought after “craftswoman monopolist” distributing a one-of-a-kind component from her private workshop to tech labs around the world;
  • an industrial designer working at the intersection of aesthetics, science, and engineering; or
  • a computer scientist, driven by the ambition to build systems that can operate epic machines with radically heterogeneous architectures.

As a member of the Professional Faculty adhering to our Beliefs, you must be able to:

  • contribute to a coherent systems-design of technologies that will substantiate critical research efforts (Essentiality);
  • discern the entirety of the technical components required to create such systems and anticipate how they interact (Holism);
  • establish alliances with academic institutions and industries that are willing to integrate their technical components, instruments, and expertise into our systems (Openness);
  • make your lab a lively place and an active market for the best ideas (Playfulness); and
  • know your technical limits and reach out to another specialist if circumstances so require (Responsibility).

As a member of the Professional Faculty, you should be willing to:

  • completely immerse in your duties and outdo yourself in improving the experimental backbone of  our mission;
  • openly approach relevant scientific literature and translate your findings into hands-on work; and
  • make leaving your lab and actively connecting with your professional peers outside the organization a habit.

As a member of the Professional Faculty contributing to Archai you will gain along the way:

  • prolific working relationships with some of the most exceptional minds around the world;
  • intimate access to a network of associated labs that may help you in your quest for perfection; and
  • a massive uplift in confidence and spirit flowing from your content with what you do for a living.

Visiting Faculty: Challenge the Minds of Our Own Successors

As a member of the Visiting Faculty, you have made more than one mark in your field as a scientist or as an artist (or any kind of amalgamated embodiment of these). But you are craving something new. From our perspective, your marks do not necessarily have to comply with the indentations left behind by the most notable representatives in your subject area. Quite the opposite is true—you are of special interest to us if you succeeded to graft new concepts and ideas into the plain old landscape of your field and beyond. But for all the controversy you unleashed, you are far from derailing, and your contributions have turned out to be of exceptional value to your collaborators and immediate peers.

Typically, you started your career in a specialized field of traditional academia, but you never lost track of your complementary interests in other scientific areas, and you never let go of passions that are seemingly unrelated to your core scientific endeavor—maybe fixing radios “by thinking,” bongo drumming, safecracking, or anything of that sort. Of course, as a member of our Visiting Faculty, you might also be “wired the other way around” in the sense that your primary field of activity lies in a non-science area while you eagerly integrate scientific principles into that work.

At Archai we provide you with the chance to elaborate on the connections among those allegedly separate grounds of personal interest that you strongly feel to be interconnected somehow. For the good of our mission, you may connect these dots for the limited time span of your tenure at Archai. What we want from you is for you to super-charge a select array of our efforts with that passionate energy.

As a soon-to-be member of the Visiting Faculty, you may currently be:

  • an aspiring junior faculty member trying to sort out your path through the academic galaxy;
  • a recent graduate at age 30 who used to jump from one field to another before finally making it;
  • the “even worse” younger sibling of the abovementioned archetype making jumps between a top-tier university and art school;
  • a well-settled but saturated researcher/artist looking for a cognitive acceleration that does not depend on psychoactive substances; or
  • a full Professor who thinks it is about time for a “research only/impact first” period away from distractions (we mean things such as grant proposals, not your teaching obligations, of course).

As a member of the Visiting Faculty adhering to our Beliefs, you must be able to:

  • provide a clear view of how your multifaceted interests and passions may assemble to contribute to our mission (Essentiality);
  • connect these dots in a prudent yet playful manner (Holism);
  • produce new relations to subject areas that you have omitted so far on your intellectual ramble (Openness);
  • inject some laughter into the gridlocked discourse of these deadpan Principal Faculty guys (Playfulness); and
  • pick up the pace fast and generate actionable results while you are here (Responsibility).

As a member of the Visiting Faculty, you should be willing to:

  • fully dedicate your passion and your intellectual power to those research streams that will lead us toward systems that are deployable on a large scale;
  • resist the temptation to primarily ride along those streams that may offer a shortcut to publication; and
  • communicate frequently and openly with the members of the Band of Mavericks, with your Faculty colleagues, with the members of the Board of Governors, and with the public at large.

As a member of the Visiting Faculty contributing to Archai you will gain along the way:

  • family-like ties to people you have never imagined knowing, let alone collaborating with;
  • a reputation for being a profound specialist in your field, endowed with the ability to forge real outcomes; and
  • that sensation of pride that comes from knowing that one has contributed to an extraordinary thing.

Take up Arms, Faculty!

We are currently in the process of selecting and hiring those members that are going to represent the founding faculty. We might approach you too!

If we do not, but you still know that you are one of those rare individuals that are (about to) making the seminal contributions to their respective fields while also trying to live up to a higher purpose, then take up arms and write to our Faculty Curator Edy:


More of ARC.XYZ

Open Science Platforms: Chime In!

Albeit being a very speculative idea, we think that Archai must provide for two platforms that invigorate congenial collaboration and open exchange of information across the confines of established academic disciplines and other frontiers.

Moreover, these platforms will help in creating a shared consciousness for the challenges that we are confronted with.

Creative Machines: We Need Synthetic Friends

On a very general level (not necessarily bound to the field of climate change), we will develop and implement technologies that allow tapping into the collective wisdom of many.

It is through the connection of a huge number of brains—biological and artificial—that these machines can help evoke solutions from totally unexpected origins, and they may even produce novel ideas on their own.

Incapacitating Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases

This is an outline of our Bounce Back ground initiative. Under it, we work towards building a system that incapacitates atmospheric greenhouse gases and allows for the attenuation of their combined global warming impact. That system must not compromise terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

The primary goal we are pursuing with Bounce Back is not hard to understand, and its significance in the context of climate change is evident: We want to provide for a system that downregulates the global warming response to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Towards High-Capacity, Low-Risk Generation of Electrical Power

This is an outline of our Super Powers ground initiative. Under it, we aspire to create an industrial apparatus for high-capacity, low-risk generation of electrical power. That power must be supplied in a constant (that is, non-intermittent), and carbon-neutral manner.

The primary goal we are pursuing with Super Powers is not hard to understand, and its significance in the context of climate change is evident: We want to provide for a massively potent source of electrical power that does not add to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.